Lover’s Chariot

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Come taste and see that life is good on the southern California coast. Enjoy your significant other as you indulge in a romantic North San Diego to South San Diego County coast line cruise. The good life and a night on the town that you won’t soon forget.

Lover’s Chariot is a couple’s night on the town in San Diego North County

La Tour de San Diego North Includes:

  • Chauffeur Driven Limo

  • Service offered Monday – Saturday 6 days a week (Closed on Sunday)

  • Two Pick-up points (if needed) in North San Diego County

  • Pick-up start at approximately 7:00 PM and ends at 12:00 Midnight

  • Italian Dinner at Vigilucci’s in Carlsbad

  • Photo off the beach line

  • Old School Movie on board

  • Bottle of Wine

  • Cruise the coast line up through to La Jolla

  • Terminate at one initial Pick-up Point

We suggest that customers select an available date as close to the desired date of celebration as possible.

Should a “God Act” occur on or near the customer’s appointment date the customer will have the option of rescheduling their appointment for a later date (with same payment arrangements) or receiving a full refund of monies paid-to-date.

Special Offer

The cost of the service is regularly $600.00 per night, but we are offering a 15% discount to all patrons who sign up on or before March 31, 2018.  Once pre-order sign-ups start on January 1, 2018, request for service will be taken until December 31, 2018

  • Discounted price for service is $510.00 for two people on a one night excursion

  • ½ due up front at time of confirmation call @ $255.00

  • ½ due at time of Pick-up on appointment day @ $255.00

  • Form of payment is credit or debit card (No Cash)

  • Bring a cash tip for the driver if you appreciate his or her professionalism

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