Mission Statement

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At Givens Transport Corporation our mission is to transport our customers and their possessions on time with the utmost care and style; utilizing clean, safe, top of the line equipment, with the most professional, friendly, and well-trained staff.

Givens Transport Corporation is your go to, punctual, affordable, and experienced transportation experts!


Hello, my name is John L. Givens III and I am a former:

  • U.S. Marine Corps Motor Transport Maintenance Chief
  •  Law Enforcement Official
  • Express Letter Carrier Supervisor, and
  • Fourteen-year Veteran Public Transit Professional

I come to you with over 25 years of individual expertise in the transportation industry and at this point in my business building experience, I realize that there are no guarantees as to what takes place from here with the current economic climate, but I also know that “nothing ventured, nothing gained!”  I have designed this organization to meet needs, not my greed.  So, with that mindset I enter this venture with both eyes wide open and my sixth sense activated.

Problems to Consider:

Public transportation is a $58 billion industry that employs nearly 400,000 people.  More than 7,100 organizations provide public transportation to the United States.  The average household spends 17.5 cents of every dollar on transportation.

While it is true that families can save more than $10,000 annually by taking some means of public transportation and living with one less automobile in the driveway.  That public transportation must be equitable to individual requirements for daily activity.  Unfortunately, we are falling short of the mark in meeting the need of long range commuters.

We also discover that by using public transportation we can collectively ease the congestion issues that are cropping up along our freeway corridors and help diminish emissions that pollute the air quality.

Finally, we will likely discover that by selecting vehicles with greater fuel efficiency (or no fuel at all) that we will collectively ease the infringements that has challenged the earth’s ecosystem in most recent years.

Challenges Going Forward:

So many drivers are on the road these days traveling over 50 minutes (one way) in peak time traffic commuter congestion (in solo occupant vehicles) trying to get to work and back home again.

This challenge’s us on several fronts; namely our:

  • Health
  • Local Air quality, and
  • Long-Term Quality of Life

I have been a long-distance commuter since the early 1990’s, with an average commute time of 1.0-2.0 hours (one way).  Subsequently I have a broad outlook on commuting dynamics, from my early commuting days as well as throughout my tenure with the North (San Diego) County Transit District (NCTD).  This outlook has garnered me a vision for a better future in commuter transportation.

Givens Transport Corporation’s Solutions Going Forward:

I founded Givens Transport Corporation (hereafter GTC) Dba Commuters’ Choice in January of 2017.  Our mantra and Service Mark is:

Moving in the direction of progress! SM

Our chief objective is to assist commuters with over 50 minutes or greater commutes:

  • Get out of one occupant vehicles,
  • To drive greener by lowering or eliminating emissions, and
  • To improve their health and longevity in the workplace by lowering their stress level during the morning and afternoon commutes.

I am initiating a pilot program that will:

  • Provide commuter transportation to local businesses with employees traveling over 50 minutes (one way) from home to work and from work to home.
  • Establish a connection with local businesses that have commuters in the category as mentioned above.
  • Facilitate innovative transportation coordination and employee based training in the use of van-pool and car-pool benefits; and

Conduct public transportation research activities for a greater understanding of the priorities of commuters in local municipalities.