Personal Limousine

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You can ride our luxury line in style in the latest Lincoln Continental model personal limousine.   A cruise to the airport (from anywhere in San Diego County) is only $60 and an all-day affair is only $360.00 a day Monday-Friday and $460 a day on the week-ends and holidays.  That includes a 10-hour day outing, allowing the driver to get two 30 minute meal/rest breaks strategically in the day.  There is no need to concern yourself with “peak-time” issues, because we offer the same rate all day long every day.

The personal limousine service requires at least 24-hour prior notice (but preferred a week or two notice) for scheduling purposes.  However, should we fail (the first time) to accommodate your desired ride request, we will email you a 10% discount card for your next scheduled ride with us.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see our premier personal limousine pull up alongside you for your ride.  Sometimes we will pull up along curve side in one of our economy line vehicles with the:

  • Same safe friendly chauffeurs, and
  • Same safe supremely cared for quality vehicles

These are vehicles used when we experience high volume demand periods.  We will soon be testing the economy of using electric vehicles in our fleet, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on our examination of these “fuel less” automobiles in the days ahead.

We also offer long-term contract personal limousine service, with:

30           Day
60           Day
90           Day
120         Day
1              Year
2              Years
3              Years Terms

Mon.-Fri. – $7,200.00 for 30 Days
Mon.-Sun.- $10,880.00 for 30 Days